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Lawyers are professionals. An Iowa Attorney has a doctorate degree, has passed the Iowa Bar examination, and participates in annual continuing education. They represent the interests of their clients, whether citizens, governmental entities, or corporations. This representation is performed zealously, within the bounds of the law. They act to help their client attain the client’s objective and advocate for their clients, giving legal counsel and advice. The Iowa Supreme Court supervises all Iowa counselors and judges.

Your Counsel helps you identify legal issues and provides counseling regarding resolution of your problem or question.

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They offer advice and aid you in:
•Preparation of a will, trust, living will or estate planning;

•Buying or selling a house;

•Preparing your income tax returns and other tax planning issues;

•Resolving a personal injury matter including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, or workers’ compensation;

•Resolving an employment matter including discrimination or wrongful termination;

• Moving forward on a criminal matter or traffic ticket;

•Straightening-out social security matters;

•Alleviating a family law matter including child custody, divorce, or adoption;

•Setting up or purchasing a business;

•And much more.

Finding a Legal Expert can be as simple as asking friends, relatives, or co-workers for the names of lawyers they recommend. If they does not possess the legal knowledge and skill needed for a particular matter, many times he or she will refer you to someone who does possess the requisite knowledge and skill.iowa-capitol-building

The following questions are helpful in selecting an attorney:

• Have they handled matters like yours before?

• Is there a charge for first-time consultation?

•How are fees calculated; per hour, per task, or contingent on outcome?

•Will they require a retainer payment before providing services?

•How many hours will it will take to complete the task?

• Do they provide the client with a written contract or a letter confirming employment? If so, ask to see an example.

•Can they explain to you what to expect and what issues will be generally involved in your matter?

•Can you be open and honest with them?

•Do you believe this legal adviser will be open and honest with you about your matter?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to make an informed decision about hiring a Lawyer in your local area of Iowa.

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